Complete Travel Guide to Hanoi Weekend Night Market

  Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam has so much to offer travellers: Vibrant culture, rich cuisine, and breathtaking nature: there is seemingly nothing hanoi does not have. Travelers can expect to explore  what local life is like in the city, and one place that surely exposes travelers to the real capital is the Hanoi Night Market. Found in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, this market bridges the gap between locals and tourists. It is equipped with delicious loval food and souvenirs, and while the market is a popular place, it remains off the beaten track. Indeed, visiting Hanoi Night Market is one of top things to do in Hanoi. •    Opening Hours: Friday to Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 •    Address: At Hang Dao Street, Old Quarter, Hanoi About the Hanoi Weeken Night Market: For travelers who have done their research before coming have surely caught wind of the Hanoi Weekend Night Market. It occupies some of the busiest streets found in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, including streets of Han